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A not-for-profit organization, dedicated to sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as taught by Sydney Banks, and to preserving them in their purest and most powerful form.

What are the Three Principles?

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The Three Principles School

The Three Principles School was founded in 2008, by Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle, at the request of Sydney Banks. He guided us through the first three classes, and his last talks before an audience were given there.

Watch the video to see what Syd had to say about founding the Three Principles School…

Excerpt from June 2016 School Session

Three Principles School: Upcoming Session

Insight, Simplicity and Change

Friday, November 4th through Monday, November 7th
Saltspring Island, BC Canada

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Availability of Sydney Banks’ Books

We have recently learned that The Missing Link and The Enlightened Gardener are now available as digital downloads on itunes! It is so wonderful to see Syd’s books becoming more widely accessible, as was his dream. The power of these original materials to help...

A new video excerpt from the June 2016 session of the Three Principles School featuring Mara Gleason and Eirik Olsen  is now available.

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New Video Posted

You can find it on our School Videos page….

Insight, Simplicity and Change

How Insights into the Three Principles Create a New Understanding of Life
Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada
Friday, November 4th through Monday November 7th, 2016

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Class Registration Open

Registration for the November 2016 session of the Three Principles School is now open. The class will be held at the Harbour House Hotel on Saltspring Island. Click here to read more.

Ultimate Answer Digital Download

We are please to announce that the video Ultimate Answer is now available as a digital download in the following countries: United States United Kingdom Germany Japan Click on any of the links above to go see it, and watch the trailer! This was Syd’s last public...

Genesis of The Three Principles: Digital Download

Genesis of the Three Principles: The Birth of a New Understanding is now available as a digital download on Amazon Video Direct in the countries listed below. Click any of the links below to go to the Amazon page for this film where you can also view a trailer. United...