In 1973, Sydney Banks, an ordinary working man, experienced a spontaneous and profound spiritual enlightenment. His experience uncovered three foundational Principles; elemental principles that create and govern the human experience: Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought. His unparalleled insights into our true nature are creating a renaissance in the field of psychology. They have opened the door to an authentic science, grounded in principle, and based on the most salient facts about who and what we are. These Principles are the key to a divine mystery and a spiritual understanding that has evoked a paradigm shift in our understanding of human psychological functioning, and as such, in our approach to mental health and healing.

Syd often marveled, “Why me?” as he hadn’t read or studied philosophy or religion and certainly knew very little about psychology. He was in fact, the quintessential ordinary guy, struggling like all of us to get through life, keep his marriage and relationships on track, make a living, and be happy at least some of the time. This was, however, what made him the perfect person to encounter such knowledge because he himself became the first example of the power of this new understanding to create permanent, positive change.

From his humble and seemingly unlikely beginnings, Sydney Banks became a world-renowned teacher, author and guide to innovators in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, education, business and even physics. For over forty years after his seminal experience, he remained fiercely dedicated to relieving human suffering through the sharing of the knowledge he felt he had been privileged to encounter. His books and recordings remain as a living legacy, and the most direct and uninterrupted access to a body of work and an understanding that has the power to elevate the listener to a whole new understanding of life, or as Syd would often say, to “a whole new world.”

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