Three Principles Foundation FAQ

Sydney Banks &
The Three Principles

Who is Sydney Banks?

In 1973, Sydney Banks, an ordinary working man, experienced a spontaneous and profound spiritual enlightenment. His experience uncovered three foundational Principles; elemental principles that create and govern the human experience: Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought. His unparalleled insights into our true nature are creating a renaissance in the field of psychology. They have opened the door to an authentic science, grounded in principle, and based on the most salient facts about who and what we are. These Principles are the key to a divine mystery and a spiritual understanding that has evoked a paradigm shift in our understanding of human psychological functioning, and as such, in our approach to mental health and healing.

Read more about Sydney Banks here

What are the Three Principles?

The Three Principles were discovered by Sydney Banks. It was his life’s work to share this discovery with the world, and are best explained by him in this video clip.

Where can I get training in the Three Principles?

There are many wonderful Three Principles practitioners and teachers, helping bring positive change and understanding to a world in dire need. At this time, however, the Foundation does not make specific recommendations. What we do recommend, especially if you are just discovering the Principles, is that you first listen to, read and experience the books and audio/audio-visual recordings of Sydney Banks. No one can talk about this profound understanding like the person who had the experience which brought it to light.

These materials offer everyone the same opportunity as was given to those who were privileged to spend time with Syd when he was still with us. It is the opportunity to gain your own insights via direct and unfiltered sharing from the originator of the Three Principles. Doing so will deepen your understanding and help you to make wise choices regarding further training.

Do you have any videos available?

The Three Principles Foundation has produced two videos to date:

The Ultimate Answer
Genesis of the Three Principles: The Birth of a New Understanding

Excerpts from both are available on our Videos page.

Both are available as DVDs on, and digital downloads on Amazon Video Direct (US, UK, Germany and Japan)

The Three Principles School

What is the Three Principles School?

The Three Principles School was founded in 2008, by Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle at the request of Sydney Banks. He guided us through the first three classes, and his last talks before an audience were given there.

Syd talked about the critical need for the school and its role of ensuring that the teachings of the Three Principles as taught by Sydney Banks continue. He was keenly aware of the growing demand for teachers with the deepest possible understanding of the Principles, and the volumes of human suffering they could end. He was passionate and unequivocal about the importance of teaching the spiritual essence of the Principles.

With Syd no longer here to speak directly about his profound understanding, the Three Principles School has taken on an even greater significance. He prompted its establishment so that we could continue to deepen our understanding of the true nature of the Principles, and of ourselves as teachers. This is evident in a letter Syd left on his website.

When is the School held?

At the present time, the School is held twice a year, in the Fall and Spring. Session announcements and registration information is posted on our Home Page, and more detailed information is on our Upcoming Sessions page, including dates and location.

Where is the Three Principles School held?

At present, the School is held on Salt Spring Island, BC Canada.

Saltspring Island

Where is Saltspring Island and how do I get there?

Saltspring is an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It can be reached by ferry from Vancouver, BC or Victoria BC (on Vancouver Island). For more details, see our Saltspring Island page.

What accommodations are available on Saltspring Island?

Saltspring has numerous B&B’s, as well as hotels including The Harbour House Hotel, Hastings House, Saltspring Inn and Seabreeze Inn.

A listing of accommodations can be found here. See our Saltspring Island page for more information and details.

Is there public transportation on Saltspring?

Saltspring Island has a limited public bus system. Schedules and routes can be found on the BCTransit website.