Video Excerpts from the Ultimate Answer DVD, and The Genesis of The Three Principles (2016). Scroll through the thumbnails to choose a video to play.


The Genesis of The Three Principles sample clip


The Genesis of The Three Principles (part 1)

Sydney Banks
The Ultimate Answer Part 1
Sydney Banks
The Ultimate Answer Part 2
Sydney Banks
The Ultimate Answer Part 3
Sydney Banks
The Ultimate Answer
A New World Part 1
Sydney Banks
The Ultimate Answer
A New World Part 2

The Three Principles
Sydney Banks

May, 2016

This page now contains clips from the film Genesis of the Three Principles: The Birth of a New Understanding.

More information can be found here.

June 10, 2011

Dear Friends:

We have received many inquiries about Syd’s talks at the Three Principles School.

We have had the privilege of reviewing and editing some of these materials,  and they are now available as a DVD and Digital Download, entitled The Ultimate Answer.

This DVD is truly a treasure, as it contains recordings of Syd’s last talks before his passing. As you will see in the excerpts above, these talks cover subject matter near and dear to his heart, and reflect his tireless commitment to preserving the power, purity and simplicity of the three precious principles he uncovered and shared with the world.

We know you’ll enjoy these clips, and we appreciate and thank you for your interest.


Chip and Elsie

Viewer Comments

“I am so happy and grateful to see this new website and video clips and to revisit Syd’s website. It felt like everything just fell into place with a simplicity and clarity that speaks to my soul. The power and possibility of our modern communication really strikes me as I sit in my little sanctuary alone and yet am able to look at and listen to such words of wisdom without any distractions.”

“I am thrilled to have access to these precious videos – Syd Banks will always be near and dear to my heart. Thank you so very much!”

“Thanks so much! I am so grateful you are preserving Syd’s messages. I will give the Foundation website to my students so they can ‘hear it from the horse’s mouth’ as well. I feel so fortunate that I was able to hear him in person so many times. What a blessing technology will be to those who didn’t.”

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