Our Mission and Vision


  • A world in which human suffering has been greatly relieved via a profound shift in our understanding of the nature of human existence and of human psychological functioning.


  • Offer hope and answers to humanity’s most pressing problems, by increasing mankind’s awareness and understanding of the three precious gifts inherent in every human being: Divine Mind, Divine Consciousness and Divine Thought.


  • For the good of mankind, seek to preserve the original writings, audio and audio-visual materials of Sydney Banks and to promote their broadest worldwide distribution.
  • Create a scholarship fund to provide the above-mentioned books and materials to disadvantaged communities, drug rehabilitation centers, prisons and jails, as well as social workers and other service providers and people who may not otherwise have the means to purchase them.
  • Establish initiatives and programs to train people who are dedicated to relieving human suffering through the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks.
  • Share Sydney Banks’ vision that the principles he discovered be taught and shared with humanity with simplicity and integrity, and in a manner that reflects the spiritual fact that every human being has the same profound wisdom within.
  • To conduct activities which promote and further the mission of the Foundation.

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