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A not-for-profit organization, dedicated to sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as taught by Sydney Banks, and to preserving them in their purest and most powerful form.

What are the Three Principles?

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The Three Principles School

The Three Principles School was founded in 2008, by Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle, at the request of Sydney Banks. He guided us through the first three classes, and his last talks before an audience were given there.

Watch the video to see what Syd had to say about founding the Three Principles School…

Excerpt from November 2019 School Session

Update on Three Principles School

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

 I hope this note finds you in good health and enjoying the love and connection with friends and family during these uncertain times. For those who are ill or have a family member who is ill, or who are going through other Covid related challenges, our thoughts and love are with you.

 For now, the Three Principles School will continue the suspension of sessions until such time as travel and in-person gatherings are safe.

 We have been so touched by stories we are hearing from folks who have been using this time to find more quiet and more love and connection with family and friends. The fact that we all have access to Syd’s recordings, videos and books is amazing and reminds me that the true “school” lives within each and every one of us, and in that sense, the school is still ongoing.

 Thank you so much for your love and support for the Three Principles School. We will so miss being with you in person but look forward to seeing you once this crisis is over. We know that in the meantime, your love and wisdom will be helping your families and friends to get through this.

 Lots of love to all,

 Chip, Elsie and all the team at the Three Principles School

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude goes out to all who have attended and supported the School since its early days.

New Book

The book, “Genesis of the Three Principles; Reflections on the Life and Discoveries of Sydney Banks” “Genesis of the Three Principles; Reflections on the Life and Discoveries of Sydney Banks” is now available on Amazon. It is a collaboration between Ana Holmback and...