The State of Happiness and Understanding
A Mind That is at Peace with itself

June 18-21, 2020

  Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada


When Sydney Banks had his enlightenment experience, he saw immediately that we were innocently searching for something outside ourselves to bring us happiness and understanding. What would do it? Was it a happy relationship, a new relationship? Perhaps if we were more successful in our jobs or careers, had more power or money we’d be happy. If we examined our past, especially our negative experiences, would we find some clue that would allow us to break out of long-held insecurities and unhappiness?

We searched in so many ways but with all our efforts, we still had very little in the way of clear insight into how to live a happy life or find peace of mind. And yet, when we first encountered Sydney Banks or his books and recordings, something stood out; something got our attention at a very deep level, something even beyond what we could grasp intellectually. We got a feeling. For a split second in time, we let go of our fears and the search, and simply felt at peace.

In that unexpected moment, we experienced a true “State of Meditation” and a taste of Peace of Mind. By looking in a totally new direction, we experienced our true self, our true nature.

“The state of meditation is where you’ll find it. The state of meditation is not a form, it is simply a mind that is at peace with itself, that is in a state of happiness and a state of understanding. Here is where the secret to all your happiness will come . . . . and when it comes, it’s real, it’s not a belief. It’s yours; it’s yours for eternity.”

Sydney Banks

Even after discovering a new direction, we sometimes are inclined to continue the search. Armed with the knowledge that thought creates the reality we see, we fall back into analysing our thinking; still working on our selves, still searching. The Mission Syd gave us when he
started the school remains clear; keep it simple, explore together the true nature of the Principles, and in doing so, our own true nature. Please join us on beautiful Saltspring Island as together, we look away from judging and analysing, away from the past, beyond the search,
to that beautiful space and feeling that lies within, the feeling that holds the very wisdom we seek.

Warmest regards,
Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle