Syd often spoke of “Living in the Now.” In The Enlightened Gardener Revisited, he devotes an entire chapter to “The Importance of the Now.”

Below are some quotes from this chapter.



“…now is really all there is or ever will be. Now is every moment of everyday in perfect motion.”

His words surprised me. I felt that I had to question his certainty. I asked him, “How can you say, now is every moment of every day in perfect motion, when all over the world there are such horrible things happening?…”

There seemed to be so much disenchantment in the world that I really hoped that Andy would come up with an answer that I could understand and accept.

Andy scratched his head thoughtfully. After a pause, to my surprise he replied,

“Now is not a thing that is tangible.
Now is neither yesterday nor tomorrow.
Now is a fleeting moment in time and is
completely neutral.
Now is all there really is or ever will be.

“What you have to realize is, living in the now is living without negative thoughts from past traumas contaminating your thought system, thoughts that prevent you from seeing what-is, instead of what-isn’t.

“It is the now that takes you from living in the darkness
of yesterday’s negative memories
And turns the darkness into light.
Remember, my friend,
Darkness cannot survive in the midst of light
And living in the now is that light.”

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited by Sydney Banks, pages 26-27